Our MDX8 is designed with a high quality immersion cooling system, it is capable of supporting crypto mining hardware, including Rigs type GPU platforms. Immersion equipment that can accommodate 8 to 16 ASICs in an immersion tank. The MDX8 is built to be used in the most demanding environments.


The MDX8 cooling system is our new innovation. It allows asics to remove all fans, reducing power consumption by 30% and allowing miners to run 24 hours a day, at full capacity. Additionally, liquid cooling systems make it possible to overclock with custom firmware to produce 20% more hash through software optimization. The MDX8 system far outperforms air-cooled systems.


With a liquid immersion cooling system, you can run quietly wherever you want. An ASIC miner generates 75dB of noise day and night. With a small farm of 2-4 Asics, it's unbearable. Juveniles should be spaced out and placed in a relatively cool place. A specific location. Our liquid immersion cooling system solves these problems.